Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mediterranean Traditional EPIC Metal from Greece & Italy

Hey, I just wanted to spread the word that there is a very cool 8 Cent scene developing in the Mediterranean countries of Greece and Italy, where some newer bands are practicing the ancient art of Traditional EPIC Metal!!! Taking their cue from bands like Manilla Road and Manowar, these bands practice a righteous form of Battle Metal, often dripping in the history of these legendary countries. I am relatively new to the scene myself, but I have immersed myself deep enough to know something about the following bands and the albums below. If there are people out there who were sorely missing Traditional EPIC Metal, and all of its glorious righteousness, behold! There is a new dawn, with new warriors practiced in the art of Gladi-8-tor axe-slinging, and ripe, if not over-ripe vocals!!!

Click on the band's name to take you to either their MySpace page or home page where you can learn more about the bands, and probably listen to some of their classic 8 Cent Metal!

From GREECE we have:

BATTLEROAR - Age Of Chaos (2005)

SACRED BLOOD - The Battle Of Thermopylae: The Chronicle (2008)

MARAUDER - 1821 (2000)

AIRGED L'AHM - Ode To Salvation (2008)

ELWING - War (2005)

And now from ITALY!!!

ICY STEEL - "Icy Steel" (2007)

DOOMSWORD - "Let Battle Commence" (2003)

ASSEDIUM - Rise Of The Warlords (2006)

BERSERKER - Blood Of The Warriors (2007)

Out of all these very 8 and GR-8-TE bands and albums, my favorite is Icy Steel's self-titled debut!!! It mixes the epicness of Manilla Road, with some fine vocal harmonies and righteously chanted choruses to result in an 8 cent masterpiece, which belongs in every EPIC MetalHead's collection!!! Below are the happy chaps in ICY STEEL!!! WHOO-HOO!!! Expect to see more about them in "Rudo's 8 Cent Marvels" in the future!!!

I know there are more bands of this ilk from this part of the world. Write in and share a good word about them!!!

FLASH 'EM HIGH! Give me 8 Frickin' Cents!!!


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