Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Now for something totally different, a photo essay. These 8 cent photos were taken on July 4,2007 at the 1-75 exit for Monticello, TN. The bigger ones were taken with my 9 cent five year old Kodak digital camera. The smaller ones were taken with my 7 cent one year old Motorola phone cam... 9 cents + 7 cents = 16 cents, divided by 2, = you do the math! Enjoy. I am compelled to take photos of dilapidated buildings, houses, barns, cars, gas stations, humans, and other weird stuff.... You have been forewarned!

I was back this way on May 6, 2008, and it was still there. I took the following pic of it from a neighboring gas station that showed no outward signs of dilapidation, although its soul was very foul....
Give me 8 Cents,

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k.papai said...

Rudo dude, master of all 8-cent crap,

Those are some fun photos of some shithole retired gas pumps. ...Tennessee, LOL! Worst wine I *ever* tasted was there, on a date with a Kentucky gal in '97 or '98.