Sunday, April 26, 2009

Review: NEIL YOUNG - Fork In The Road

by Neil Young

Tried to save the trees
Bought a platsic bag
The bottom fell out
It was a piece of crap

Saw it on the tube
Bought it on the phone
Now you're home alone
It's a piece of crap

I tried to plug in it
I tried to turn it on
When I got it home
It was a piece of crap

Got it from a friend
On him you can depend
I found out in the end
It was a piece of crap

I'm trying to save the trees
I saw it on TV
They cut the forest down
To build a piece of crap

I went back to the store
They gave me four more
The guy told me at the door
It's a piece of crap

HA-HA! HO-HO! Yeah, I get it! Right on, Neil! Uh yeah... I Get It! HA-HA! HO-HO!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Prog Mix CD: The Pass To...


Hey man, I got a new Prog disc for you! Yep, I cooked this up over the weekend, and it is a dandy! Great symph sh*t that will tickle your toes! More obscure bands for sure, all from back in the great day when Men were Men, Prog was Prog, and Synths were Real Analog Meaty Sweaty VVVVZZZZZSSSSSing humbuckers that would make any Grandma proud! I know you will dig this. In fact, I think you had a hand in it yourself.

Here is the track listing, with the band name linked to a web page where you can learn more about 'em, and possibly hear some more songs. The download links are after the track list.


1. Morse Code - La Marche Des Hommes 11:14 - "La Marche Des Hommes" <1975> (Canada)
2. Pollen - La Femme Ailee 10:26 - "Pollen" <1976> (Canada)
3. Grobschnitt - Ernie's Reise 11:04 - "Rockpommel's Land" <1977> (Germany)
4. Eloy - Poseidon's Creation 11:40 - "Ocean" <1977> (Germany)
5. Anyone's Daughter - Anyone's Daughter 9:10 - "Adonis" <1979> (Germany)
6. Crack - Descenso En El Mahellstrong 5:28 - "Si Todo Hiciera Crack" <1979> (Spain)
7. Fruupp - Old Tyme Future 5:41 - "Future Legends" <1973> (Ireland)
8. Kaipa - Korstag 5:23 - "Inget Nytt Under Solen" <1976> (Sweden)
9. Tantra - Partir Sempre 9:21 - "Misterios E Maravilhas" <1977> (Portugal)

Download Part One

Download Part Two

So STAIEVO, here's the rundown... The disc kicks off with two great Symphonic tracks from Canadian bands, Morse Code and Pollen. And no, Geddy Lee is nowhere to be found! These guys had a nice Genesis influence, but no Petey Gabrieley vox. Then we get three wonderful German mini-Epics, in true Germanic style. No it ain't Krautrock, but good stuff with real strong German accents for extra spice. I am now a huge Grobschnitt fan (try and say Grobschnitt 15 times real fast!), and I love their humour. It is much more desirable than "trailer park pathos!" Eloy are legends, we all know that. Ultimate Space/Psych stuff! Anyone's Daughter materialized late in the game, but their Prog is pure. They are now one of my favorite "little" bands, although I have no idea how tall they actually were!

We then move out of this Canada/Germany thingy to get some more European variety. Crack are from Spain, made one great album, and POOF! And their name is not a drug reference! The almighty Fruupp from Ireland are here as well, and no STAIEVE, it is not a band of mutant Robert Fripp's! Kaipa give the disc a bit of Scandanavian flavor, and also possess the most 8 cent progger of all-time, the ridiculous Roine Stolt who is a MO-FO of a guitar player. Lastly, we have Tantra from Portugal, who know how to play their instruments real well, but also know how to craft a good song. Enjoy the drummer, STAIEVE, because I know you love drummers! BANG, BOOM, CRASH!

An interesting thing to note is that most of the music was created and released in the mid to late 70's, which was when Prog started to slack, and the stupid little punkheads got so self-important (how indulgent!). The key thing to remember is that outside of the U.K. and Italy, the rest of the world ran a but behind in their creation of Prog masterpieces, and it took a while for some of these bands to get off the ground. Still, the late 70's factor of this disc is kind of hard to fathom. But trust me STAIEVE, it is the goods! It would sound great out back this summer, and we can shake our Prog stix at it!

Give Me 8 Cents,
STAIEVE (aka Rudo)

P.S. I post this disc for two reasons: 1) to share the listening experience 2) to expose you to these bands, and their music, which is far, far, far from the mainstream. SUPPORT THE BANDS! BUY THEIR MUSIC! Follow the links to their web sites! They deserve your attention! Here’s a link to the great online "Synphonic" Prog store where you can buy their music!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

So Long, ASTRONOMO! :-(

One of the reasons this blog has been so quiet is that my best friend since high school just passed away this past January 15th. His name was Astronomo (aka STAIEVE), and we were friends since 1974 when we met on the high school bus. Music was one of the major life bloods between us, and he introduced me to so many great bands (and I in turn did the same to him). Astronomo introduced me to Neil Young and Yes, both of which have been two of my absolute favorites since 1974. I remember the first time he came over to my house. He brought his copy of "Close To The Edge" by Yes, and my life was forever changed. I didn't get it at first, but I was definitely intrigued, and was quickly drawn in. Sigh... that was a long time ago. But we listened to "Close To The Edge" within the last year! In fact, this past summer both of us were on a huge Yes kick. It just goes to show that good things can go on for a very long time!

But unfortunately, Astronomo came down with the evil bastard cancer in late 2007, and life was a real struggle after that. His illness did bring us a lot closer together as friends, and we shared many a good moment talking serious sh*t, laughing about old sh*t, and experiencing new sh*t. I kept sending him humongous amounts of Prog to listen to. I did that anyway, but when he got sick, the Prog would help take him to different places, landscapes, and realities. It was a good thing!

In regular life, Astronomo was pretty much a quiet, kinda shy guy. Those of us who knew him well could all tell you he was one pretty wild f*cker! He could be crazy. He was known for jumping off apartment balconies, ripping down people's gutters, dancing on the roof, and driving really f*cking fast on the country roads of Michigan, back when we were kids. We smoked many a grit, drank many a jug, puffed many a bong, and looked at girly magazines. We also really enjoyed becoming dads, talking about our kids with big smiles on our faces. We shared life, fun, sadness, and our worlds. He will be missed by not only me, but his family, friends. and co-workers. He has now gone to the great Prog Heaven, where eternity is one giant synthesizer solo on a vintage Moog!!! ROCK ON, OH GREAT FRIEND!!!

Give me anything but 8 Cents,

P.S. When he was younger, people said he kinda looked like Jackson Browne. When he was older, and his hair turned grey, I thought he looked more like Richard Wright!!! To lose both of those grey haired gods within a couple of months is hard. But Shine On You Crazy STAIEVE-HEAD!!!

Astronomo (doing his best Richard Wright impression)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Canadian Music Marvels!!!

Ever since I was a little kid, I have always been fascinated with Canada. While I haven't been north of the border that many times, I feel very much at home in the land of the Canucks. In late September of this year, my darling wife (the immortal Angusette) and I went on an excellent vacation to Maine, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island. I have already waxed on about that in previous posts, so I will spare you any more. However, I do want to talk about Canadian music, another passion of mine.

Of course, I love Canadian Music of all types! Here is who I have been groovin' on lately...

METAL: SIG:AR:TYR and Woods Of Ypres!!! These two have been real big favorites. Both have excellent new albums. Plus, a special thumbs up to Dark Forest, who I have just started listening to. Also way back in the old Suck daze, there was the immortal Sacred Blade, a true classic one album band, if there ever was one. And then there was some ridiculous 8 cent sh*t, like THOR, ANVIL and LEE AARON!!! Whoo-Hoo!

Woods of Ypres

PROG: Oh yeah, I have been digging into some rare stuff here, for sure! Harmonium have been a fave for several years. But I have been chewing into real obscure bands like Maneige, Morse Code, Pollen, Opus 5, Cano, and Sloche. I probably will be posting a homemade compilation of stuff to the blog very soon!

And then there is this.... thing... that I have to confess.... I have become a big Rush fan!!! For 32 years, I *HATED* Rush!!! (Just like coffee and beer, both of which I changed my mind about) And then... and then... thanks to the influence of Astronomo, my curiousity was aroused. Sometimes, sometimes... you just have to FACE YOUR DEMONS!!! And Geddy, Alex, and Neil certainly were DEMONS! I would have rather stuck hot-burning knitting needles in my eyes & ears than listen to Rush! But now I own all of Rush's albums, and I think they are extremely 8 cents! What I like best about them is their sense of humor (and they jam!). More on this phenomena later... someday later!

Rush (at their most hideous!!!)

FOLK: Back when I turned 14 years old, my best friend Sam gave me a Gordon Lightfoot album, "Old Dan's Records." I became a huge fan of the Gord, and collected a couple of his albums from the early 70's. "Don Quixote" is one of the greatest albums I have ever heard, and is duly enshrined in my personal Hall of Fame. I've gone back to these albums over the years, and always cherished them. BUT... I never really dug into his earlier 60's stuff, back when he was primarily a Canadian artist, and even more of a folkie. I picked up one of his early albums, "The Way I Feel," in Halifax in September, and Holy Sh*t! This early stuff is fantastic!!! Way to go the Gord! Now I have been scrambling for all of the albums I didn't have, or actually I already had bought some time ago, but never had listened to yet! (yes, the burden of a MASSIVE music collection)

The Gord (at a young age)

COUNTRY: Hank "F*&KIN'" Snow (who has already gotten some ink here at R8CM), and the incredible Wilf Carter (aka Montana Slim)! If you want to read about an incredible career, click this link, and read about Wilf!!!


ROCK: Well, I am a huge-i-listic Neil Young fan, have been so for 34 years, what more can I say. I also dig the Cowboy Junkies, Leonard Cohen, the Band, and eeekkkk!!! ... somebody I am almost just as scared to admit as Rush.... and that is Joni Mitchell!

Neil (at his most handsome)

Oh God, there has got to be so many more... So many Canadian Gods & Godesses, and so little time! Canadian music people I am *NOT* into: Aldo Nova, Celine Dion, Triumph (only just a matter of time, I guess), Shania Twain, April Wine, Nickelback, etc....

Guy Lombardo (in drag)

Canadian artists that I haven't gotten into yet, but sure to will at some point: Godspeed You! Black Emperor & Guy Lombardo.

Give Me 8 Cents,

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Coolest Picture On Earth!!!

Sigh... I wish I had more time to devote to my blog! I promise to get to it more often. I know, I know, these things come in 8 cent waves....

Anyhow, posted above is the "Coolest Picture On Earth!" I bought this at a really great antique store in Halifax, Nova Scotia, on our recent trip to Canada and Maine (the same place that I got Hank Snow's "Tales of the Yukon" on vinyl!). I don't know... This pic just captures everything I find cool. I really dig the car... I hope you like it!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Back From Truro, Nova Scotia!!!

If you thought I was dead, if you thought this blog was dead, neeeyahhh, phooey on you-ey, hug Baby Huey, sync or swym, HE AIN'T DEAD, JIM!!! Rudo Anvilmeister went underground for 21 years (1987-2008), and now you are giving me sh*t for being gone for 5 weeks? Give me an 8 Cent Break!!!

Yeah, me and the wifeee-poo Angusette celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary and went on an amazing trip to the Northern Land of Canada, and a pilgrimage to Truro, Nova Scotia, to visit the site of the legendary TOTAL DEATH TETHERBALL match of 1985! I reported on the match back-in-the-day for our old fanzine Suck City. It was a glorious day when Mr. 8 Squared, the infamous #64 for the original axe-murderers, BEN F*&KING UTT, former starting left guard for the Indianapolis Colts (nee Baltimore Colts), squashed Nasty Ronnie 8 matches to 0!!!

Well, bust my buttons, when we got there, the old Tetherball Pit was gone. But in it's place was a giant, humongous statue of a Mespachte Indian!!! Wow, I had forgotten that the Tetherball Pit was built on the site of an ancient Mespachte burial ground. You wouldn't believe how gi-huge-ic this statue was. LOOK!!!

In Nova Scotia, we also went to the Hank Snow Country Music Centre, in the sweet little city of Liverpool. A native of Liverpool, Hank Snow is one of my ultimate Gods (may his toupee rest in pieces). His EPIC Country Music, his majestic sequined suits, his impecable rug, his beguiling nasal vox, his astronomical 8 Cent factor, and his love for his Nova Scotia home (although he did move to Nashville, TN - the traitor!), makes Hank Snow muy masculino, and the Co-King of Canadian Country Music, an honor he shares with the amazing Wilf Carter! Check Hank out!!!

We also met some real nice guys in Halifax, down by the fishermen docks. Luckily for us, they posed for a picture. Would you believe that the guy on the far left was one of the original members of Anvil? No sh*t! He played bass. Canadian Metal!!! UNK!

Well, I don't want Rudo's Eight Cent Mavels to turn into too much of a travelogue vista site, but it is fun to share where you have been (kinda like trapping the kids and making them look at old family vacation pix!). Thanx for looking! I promise the next post will be back to the music.

Give Me 8 Cents,

P.S. Here is the original Suck City "Total Death Tetherball" article, along with a ridiculously 8 Cent article on professional wrestling, by none other than Defect Removal.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

R.I.P. Richard Wright (1943-2008)

This past Monday (9/15), one of my all-time, all-time favorite musicians passed away, the great Richard Wright of Pink Floyd. Richard played keyboards, and sang some occasional vocals. While Pink Floyd is one the most popular and well-known bands in Rock History, the band members themselves were far from rock celebrities, with only the real fans knowing their names, recognizing their pictures, etc. In the early days of Floyd, original leader Syd Barrett got most of the spotlight. When Pink Floyd fractured in the early 80's, the two opposing forces of Roger Waters and David Gilmour got their share of ink for their very acrimonious feud. Richard Wright never got any special kind of recognition, nor did he seek it. He played a more supporting role, but his contribution musically to the band was huge. In many ways, Wright's textured keyboards were the foundation of Pink Floyd's sound.

Pink Floyd in the early days (Wright on the far right)

Richard Wright was a musician's musician. His style was known for restraint, musicality, atmosphere, and lots and lots of emotion. Although his playing was steeped in jazz, blues, and other musical styles, it is amazing to learn that he was self-taught. But then again, that probably isn't surprising. He played straight from the soul.

I also loved his voice, and the occasional songs he sang or wrote for the Floyd, as well as his two solo albums. In the days after Syd left the band, Wright was the most accomplished songwriter in the group. He helped fill that void until Gilmour and Waters' skills were further honed. Gilmour had the amazing voice in the band, but when Richard and David sang together, like on the monumental classic "Echoes," their blend was even more magical. As Roger Waters took creative control of the band as they evolved in the late 70's, Richard's unique contribution was minimized and squeezed out of their sound. This is why I rejoiced when his first solo album, "Wet Dream," was released in 1978!

When the post-Waters version of the band came together in the late 80's, Wright came back into the fold, and by the time they released their "The Division Bell" album in 1994, Wright was a major contributor again, helping write the music for a number of songs, and even taking lead vocals on another. This creative spark continued with the release of his second and final solo album, "Broken China." This was a very serious work, one thematically based around the serious depression that his wife suffered from. Although it was hardly known to even the more dedicated Pink Floyd fans, it is often considered the *BEST* solo album put out by any of the Floyd members. This diehard fan is one who agrees!!!

I tell you, it is a great joy to see Richard in David Gilmour's band on his live DVD "Night After Night," which came out in 2007. Seeing the two of them sing "Echoes" again is purely awe inspiring. Plus David had the kindness to include a number of other Wright lead vocal spots in some of the extras included on the disc. Check it out!

Performing with David Gilmour's band in 2006

I have always been one to champion the underdog, or the unsung hero. Richard Wright was one of these. God, how much I loved his playing and singing! I even put together my own Richard Wright best of mix-CD, entitled "Richard Wright Is God." I made this about 2 years ago when I was in a major Floyd renaissance. He will definitely be missed by this fan. But how blessed I think I am, and we all are for his great contribution to our musical lives.

Give Me 8 Cents,