Sunday, December 7, 2008

Canadian Music Marvels!!!

Ever since I was a little kid, I have always been fascinated with Canada. While I haven't been north of the border that many times, I feel very much at home in the land of the Canucks. In late September of this year, my darling wife (the immortal Angusette) and I went on an excellent vacation to Maine, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island. I have already waxed on about that in previous posts, so I will spare you any more. However, I do want to talk about Canadian music, another passion of mine.

Of course, I love Canadian Music of all types! Here is who I have been groovin' on lately...

METAL: SIG:AR:TYR and Woods Of Ypres!!! These two have been real big favorites. Both have excellent new albums. Plus, a special thumbs up to Dark Forest, who I have just started listening to. Also way back in the old Suck daze, there was the immortal Sacred Blade, a true classic one album band, if there ever was one. And then there was some ridiculous 8 cent sh*t, like THOR, ANVIL and LEE AARON!!! Whoo-Hoo!

Woods of Ypres

PROG: Oh yeah, I have been digging into some rare stuff here, for sure! Harmonium have been a fave for several years. But I have been chewing into real obscure bands like Maneige, Morse Code, Pollen, Opus 5, Cano, and Sloche. I probably will be posting a homemade compilation of stuff to the blog very soon!

And then there is this.... thing... that I have to confess.... I have become a big Rush fan!!! For 32 years, I *HATED* Rush!!! (Just like coffee and beer, both of which I changed my mind about) And then... and then... thanks to the influence of Astronomo, my curiousity was aroused. Sometimes, sometimes... you just have to FACE YOUR DEMONS!!! And Geddy, Alex, and Neil certainly were DEMONS! I would have rather stuck hot-burning knitting needles in my eyes & ears than listen to Rush! But now I own all of Rush's albums, and I think they are extremely 8 cents! What I like best about them is their sense of humor (and they jam!). More on this phenomena later... someday later!

Rush (at their most hideous!!!)

FOLK: Back when I turned 14 years old, my best friend Sam gave me a Gordon Lightfoot album, "Old Dan's Records." I became a huge fan of the Gord, and collected a couple of his albums from the early 70's. "Don Quixote" is one of the greatest albums I have ever heard, and is duly enshrined in my personal Hall of Fame. I've gone back to these albums over the years, and always cherished them. BUT... I never really dug into his earlier 60's stuff, back when he was primarily a Canadian artist, and even more of a folkie. I picked up one of his early albums, "The Way I Feel," in Halifax in September, and Holy Sh*t! This early stuff is fantastic!!! Way to go the Gord! Now I have been scrambling for all of the albums I didn't have, or actually I already had bought some time ago, but never had listened to yet! (yes, the burden of a MASSIVE music collection)

The Gord (at a young age)

COUNTRY: Hank "F*&KIN'" Snow (who has already gotten some ink here at R8CM), and the incredible Wilf Carter (aka Montana Slim)! If you want to read about an incredible career, click this link, and read about Wilf!!!


ROCK: Well, I am a huge-i-listic Neil Young fan, have been so for 34 years, what more can I say. I also dig the Cowboy Junkies, Leonard Cohen, the Band, and eeekkkk!!! ... somebody I am almost just as scared to admit as Rush.... and that is Joni Mitchell!

Neil (at his most handsome)

Oh God, there has got to be so many more... So many Canadian Gods & Godesses, and so little time! Canadian music people I am *NOT* into: Aldo Nova, Celine Dion, Triumph (only just a matter of time, I guess), Shania Twain, April Wine, Nickelback, etc....

Guy Lombardo (in drag)

Canadian artists that I haven't gotten into yet, but sure to will at some point: Godspeed You! Black Emperor & Guy Lombardo.

Give Me 8 Cents,

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Coolest Picture On Earth!!!

Sigh... I wish I had more time to devote to my blog! I promise to get to it more often. I know, I know, these things come in 8 cent waves....

Anyhow, posted above is the "Coolest Picture On Earth!" I bought this at a really great antique store in Halifax, Nova Scotia, on our recent trip to Canada and Maine (the same place that I got Hank Snow's "Tales of the Yukon" on vinyl!). I don't know... This pic just captures everything I find cool. I really dig the car... I hope you like it!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Back From Truro, Nova Scotia!!!

If you thought I was dead, if you thought this blog was dead, neeeyahhh, phooey on you-ey, hug Baby Huey, sync or swym, HE AIN'T DEAD, JIM!!! Rudo Anvilmeister went underground for 21 years (1987-2008), and now you are giving me sh*t for being gone for 5 weeks? Give me an 8 Cent Break!!!

Yeah, me and the wifeee-poo Angusette celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary and went on an amazing trip to the Northern Land of Canada, and a pilgrimage to Truro, Nova Scotia, to visit the site of the legendary TOTAL DEATH TETHERBALL match of 1985! I reported on the match back-in-the-day for our old fanzine Suck City. It was a glorious day when Mr. 8 Squared, the infamous #64 for the original axe-murderers, BEN F*&KING UTT, former starting left guard for the Indianapolis Colts (nee Baltimore Colts), squashed Nasty Ronnie 8 matches to 0!!!

Well, bust my buttons, when we got there, the old Tetherball Pit was gone. But in it's place was a giant, humongous statue of a Mespachte Indian!!! Wow, I had forgotten that the Tetherball Pit was built on the site of an ancient Mespachte burial ground. You wouldn't believe how gi-huge-ic this statue was. LOOK!!!

In Nova Scotia, we also went to the Hank Snow Country Music Centre, in the sweet little city of Liverpool. A native of Liverpool, Hank Snow is one of my ultimate Gods (may his toupee rest in pieces). His EPIC Country Music, his majestic sequined suits, his impecable rug, his beguiling nasal vox, his astronomical 8 Cent factor, and his love for his Nova Scotia home (although he did move to Nashville, TN - the traitor!), makes Hank Snow muy masculino, and the Co-King of Canadian Country Music, an honor he shares with the amazing Wilf Carter! Check Hank out!!!

We also met some real nice guys in Halifax, down by the fishermen docks. Luckily for us, they posed for a picture. Would you believe that the guy on the far left was one of the original members of Anvil? No sh*t! He played bass. Canadian Metal!!! UNK!

Well, I don't want Rudo's Eight Cent Mavels to turn into too much of a travelogue vista site, but it is fun to share where you have been (kinda like trapping the kids and making them look at old family vacation pix!). Thanx for looking! I promise the next post will be back to the music.

Give Me 8 Cents,

P.S. Here is the original Suck City "Total Death Tetherball" article, along with a ridiculously 8 Cent article on professional wrestling, by none other than Defect Removal.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

R.I.P. Richard Wright (1943-2008)

This past Monday (9/15), one of my all-time, all-time favorite musicians passed away, the great Richard Wright of Pink Floyd. Richard played keyboards, and sang some occasional vocals. While Pink Floyd is one the most popular and well-known bands in Rock History, the band members themselves were far from rock celebrities, with only the real fans knowing their names, recognizing their pictures, etc. In the early days of Floyd, original leader Syd Barrett got most of the spotlight. When Pink Floyd fractured in the early 80's, the two opposing forces of Roger Waters and David Gilmour got their share of ink for their very acrimonious feud. Richard Wright never got any special kind of recognition, nor did he seek it. He played a more supporting role, but his contribution musically to the band was huge. In many ways, Wright's textured keyboards were the foundation of Pink Floyd's sound.

Pink Floyd in the early days (Wright on the far right)

Richard Wright was a musician's musician. His style was known for restraint, musicality, atmosphere, and lots and lots of emotion. Although his playing was steeped in jazz, blues, and other musical styles, it is amazing to learn that he was self-taught. But then again, that probably isn't surprising. He played straight from the soul.

I also loved his voice, and the occasional songs he sang or wrote for the Floyd, as well as his two solo albums. In the days after Syd left the band, Wright was the most accomplished songwriter in the group. He helped fill that void until Gilmour and Waters' skills were further honed. Gilmour had the amazing voice in the band, but when Richard and David sang together, like on the monumental classic "Echoes," their blend was even more magical. As Roger Waters took creative control of the band as they evolved in the late 70's, Richard's unique contribution was minimized and squeezed out of their sound. This is why I rejoiced when his first solo album, "Wet Dream," was released in 1978!

When the post-Waters version of the band came together in the late 80's, Wright came back into the fold, and by the time they released their "The Division Bell" album in 1994, Wright was a major contributor again, helping write the music for a number of songs, and even taking lead vocals on another. This creative spark continued with the release of his second and final solo album, "Broken China." This was a very serious work, one thematically based around the serious depression that his wife suffered from. Although it was hardly known to even the more dedicated Pink Floyd fans, it is often considered the *BEST* solo album put out by any of the Floyd members. This diehard fan is one who agrees!!!

I tell you, it is a great joy to see Richard in David Gilmour's band on his live DVD "Night After Night," which came out in 2007. Seeing the two of them sing "Echoes" again is purely awe inspiring. Plus David had the kindness to include a number of other Wright lead vocal spots in some of the extras included on the disc. Check it out!

Performing with David Gilmour's band in 2006

I have always been one to champion the underdog, or the unsung hero. Richard Wright was one of these. God, how much I loved his playing and singing! I even put together my own Richard Wright best of mix-CD, entitled "Richard Wright Is God." I made this about 2 years ago when I was in a major Floyd renaissance. He will definitely be missed by this fan. But how blessed I think I am, and we all are for his great contribution to our musical lives.

Give Me 8 Cents,

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Review: ICY STEEL (self-titled debut)

In the vast space and time continuum of Metal, through out centuries, epochs, ages, and dynasties, there are albums that just kick your 8 Cent ass so hard you bolt upright, grab a sword, slay some f*&king dragons, eat a motorcycle, or whatever. When that album and band turns out to be very obscure and unknown, you feel like you've just discovered a great hidden gem buried deep in the Mines Of Moria. It may not be perfect, but even its imperfection adds to its perfection, if you know what I mean! You feel lucky and privileged to have discovered the band, and you are filled with desire to spread the word that this is *NOT* just another insignificant album, lost in the oceanic wave of discs released each year. It is the proverbial Eight Cent diamond in the rough, the kind of discovery that collectors and true fans go ape sh*t over!

Such is the self-titled debut of Italian EPIC Metal band Icy Steel, which was released last year. I have heard a billion Metal albums in my day, but this one goes down into the Rudo Anvilmeister 8 Cent Metal Hall of Fame, enshrined in its own special spot in that vast museum of Metallic Art. Being from Italy, Icy Steel belong to the burgeoning EPIC Metal scene coming out of "The Boot" and Greece. I wrote an introductory piece on this scene a while ago on R8CM (which can be found here). While Icy Steel have a lot in common with these bands, all of which I love, they have something special that sets them apart. I've tried to figure out what is their "Ingredient XXX," the hidden voodoo that makes their debut album so great. I can't help but think it is their "restraint" that makes the big difference.

So holy f*&king sh*t, RESTRAINT??? Give me 8 Cents! How in the world can restraint be a virtue in a Metallic genre that emphasizes OVER THE TOP (OTT) bombastic glory??? Well, all things are relative, and in proportion, my dear readers. Since this is EPIC F*&KING METAL, of course, it is by nature OTT and BOMBASTIC, and those are really good things! But the constructive criticism I have for this new scene, is that sometimes it goes just a tad overboard, especially the vocals. They seem "over ripe." So in your face, so over done, and sometimes so off-key, it makes you split in half (and believe me, I love excess!)! For example, take the vocals of Sacred Blood, a wonderful band that I really like. At times the vocals detract from the overall quality of otherwise an excellent band and a very good debut album. Icy Steel' s singer, Stefano Galeano does goes flat on occasion, but generally has much better command of his strong vox, and also uses a softer voice for more nuance.

You see, I like nuance. And I like tension. If you do it right, restraint can yield lots of tension, the tension of knowing things could explode all over the place, and you keep kinda expecting it to, but it doesn't, and keeps you engaged and on the edge. Then when it does explode, its like an orgasm! That is what Icy Steel does, particularly in their guitar playing (props to Stefano Galeano & Alberto Eretta). Melody is very important in Icy Steel. The melodies seem a 100,000 years old, and they probably are. There isn't too much original in their music, but that isn't the point. It is finding the perfect mix of classic EPIC Metal ingredients, simmered slowly in a broth of 8 Cents, with the stew acquiring incredible taste and boadacious body as it cooks.

Icy Steel's album is very much rooted in the classic Traditional and EPIC Metal from the 1980's. What is funny and odd, aside from their obvious nods to Judas Priest (definitely utilizing some well-placed Halfordian yelps), the twin Maiden guitar sound, and the obligitato reverence of Manilla Road, what comes to mind is some *VERY* obscure 80's Metal bands, like Oxenkiller, Exxplorer, the mighty GRIFFIN, and a tiny bit of Fates Warning's "Night On Brocken." Icy Steel utilize those ingredients, along with melody and restraint, in a very POWERFUL way to reach maximum IMPACT of Strong Songs by Strong Men!!! Say Yeah!

This is mighty stuff. There are 9 epics, as well as the prerequisite short intro song, that conjure up a time past when Men were Men, and Metal was Metal. The guitar playing is pretty f*&king exquisite, especially for some guys who are not the most technical players, or the fastest, but play with an infinite amount of heart. It is very, very moving... Moving me close to tears on many an occasion (oh!). There are dual leads, there are solo leads, there is powerful riffing, all of it of an incredible righteous nature. What a joy! What an orgasm! The vocals as I said are powerful, but not over ripe and stinky like a mushy pear. I love the vocal harmonies used in most songs, and there are some really cool chant like things in the classic track "Corrupted King." These chants sound almost Gregorian in nature, and certainly appeal to my old Catholic indentured servitude (Give Me a Holy 8 Cents!).

If this self-titled gem has a flaw, it is that sometimes the playing sounds too tentative. In some places, the band needs to gel a little better, with a more natural sound-like-you-are-playing-live vibe. Let's not confuse"tentative" with"restraint." They are very different things. Restraint is holding something back. Tentative sounds like something is holding you back. For one thing, the drums are pretty passive, and well... tentative. They could be more dynamic. If the whole thing "swung" a little more, this album would be even that much better (and by swing, I don't mean Benny Goodman!).

Another really 8 Cent thing about the album is that the lyrics and vocals are in English, and it is so incredibly obvious that Icy Steel and singer Stefano Galeano are far from fluent in it. The singing is very phonetic at times, and the pro-nun-ci-a-tion and syl-lab-ic accents are all over the place. Plus, some of the lyrics are way out there. It almost reminds of 80's French DEMO-FO monsters Mutha Corpse (new musics are rising out of the earths!). For example in "Corrupted King":

"There once was a noble commander,
to become blood has poured him
He has won over two hundred wars,
but his destiny changed is,
when his name became God..."

So I say, "GIVE ME 8 CENTS!" This does not bother me at all. In fact, it makes the whole album more endearing to me. I love all the Metal guys who go out there and try to learn English, and some times fracture it so bad it comes out better than if it was right! Meanwhile most of us stupid, fat, lazy, Americans only have a half-assed knowledge of our own language, and that is it! So hats off to you, Icy Steel, for trying. However, I do know that this kind of misuse of language will put off some of the more refined and cultured listeners out there.

So all in all, the tentative nature of the playing and the language issue smacks of a band making their first album. To be honest, I am not complaining, just trying to tell it as it is. I expect even better things on their next opus, which they have started work on. They also have a new drummer, so we'll see how that goes. The bottom line is, this is a classic P-I-E-C-E of Metal, worthy of anybody tracking down and purchasing, even if that might be a quest to the Mines of Moria, because it ain't that easy to find. However, I recently got a copy from The End Records in the States, so go for it!!!

Here at "Rudo's Eight Cent Marvels," I will write about big bands, because I love a lot of big bands. But I especially love to write about obscure, "little" bands, who are anything but little. Icy Steel's debut is MONSTROUS in terms of quality of gr8 songs, gr8 playing, and the Sacred Sacrament of 8 Cents! Buy it!!!

For more on Icy Steel, check out their Myspace page here, and listen to four of the ten tracks. You won't regret it!

Give Me 8 Cents,

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Missing!!! Guitar Solos!!!

As a Metal fanatic, and one who came up through the old school in the 70's & 80's, I love guitar solos! It is something that I desire and cherish in Metal, a totally ripping, bodacious and meaningful guitar solo. On one hand, spraying a trillion notes a second in an attempt to impress just how shredilistic a guitar player is does not cut it with me. On the other hand, a Metal song without a guitar solo is missing something. In the old school, Metal *HAD* to have guitar solos. It was just a requirement. In some genres of modern Metal, guitar solos are not necessary, or desired, or a requirement. In all honesty, I respect that. Many times that means putting the song first over guitar heroics, which is admirable. But can't we find a common ground with a few more solos???

I could write a whole long analytical essay about all this, examining different Metal genres, expressing the pros and cons of guitar solos. However, I don't want to do that, at least not now. But I do want to speak about Folk Metal, which is my current big kick. In Folk Metal, the lead guitar is often non-existent, with the emphasis going into the vocals, and the expression of the song's melody with traditional folk instruments. Fiddle/violin and flute/recorders often get top billing, which is really cool. Electric guitar provides the crunchy rhythm and OOOMMPPHHH, which of course, is really cool. But man, there is such a missed opportunity when the guitars could go berserk for a few bars without sacrificing the song's folkish integrity!

When I think of Metal guitar solos, the first thing that pops into my head is Adrian Smith and Dave Murray of Iron Maiden. In retrospect, one major revelation I had about Metal was when I realized that a lot of the the melodies those guys use in their solos, and in their exceedingly amazingly intertwined twin dual leads, are of a folkish nature! Of course, they are ripped through their magic fingers and exploding amps. But their solos have such an ancient timeless quality to them, you could swear they are over 1000 years old. So why not incorporate more of that ancient Guitar Godliness in Folk Metal???

Well, there are some bands that do that. One that I would like to make note of is Menhir from Germany. They play a very righteous Folk Viking Metal that does NOT EXCLUDE beautiful Maidenesque solos. Click on the song link below for "Das Alte Lied Des Windes," and it will take you to Menhir's MySpace page. There you can hear this great song from their great album "Hildebrandslied," which came out last year. It is an amazing Folk Viking track, emphasizing the folk melodies and emotive vocals until about 4:21 into the song, when BLAM, gorgeous after gorgeous soaring guitar solo takes off, building on the one before it, settling into a twin lead that causes instant orgasm. The solos go on for about a full two minutes, which is great! I love it! I want more of it! Yeah, it's Maidenesque as hell. So what? I love it! I WANT IT, I NEED IT, I HAVE TO HAVE IT!!!

Das Alte Lied Des Windes by Menhir

The Eight Cent Guys in Menhir!

Give Me 8 Cents,

Sunday, August 10, 2008

08/08/08 Travelogue & Photo Essay!

People who are not familiar with Suck City, the old Metal zine from the 80's that I was co-editor of, probably are not familiar with the Importance of 8 Cents, and the Power of the Number 8! Well, let me tell you, 8 is the question, 8 is the answer, and if it ain't 8, it ain't great! So when the once in a lifetime day of 08/08/08 came upon us, we had to show the world how to truly live 8 Cents in word and deed. Yes, on 08/08/08 my son Anvilhead Rudosson and I went on a holy pilgrimage to pay homage to 8 Cents, out there in the big world. We didn't have to look too hard, and were blown away with what we found. We're now ready to share that with you!

First off, we went to down to Indiana University's Bloomington campus to show Anvilhead the campus, and for me to relive some of the most 8 cent moments in my life. Here is a pic of the dorm room that Astronomo and I used to share back in 1976-77. Isn't this exciting?!?!?!?!

Here is the bowling alley in the Student Union building. I wonder if The Dude, Walter, and Donny ever bowled here?????

Also in the Union Building was the offices of WQAX, the old free-form alternative "CABLE" FM radio station that Defect Removal, Umlatta, Cosmo, Carmelita, Silas B. Clark, Swa Sticka and I used to do crazy radio shows at. Like all good things, it eventually went under, and now the space is being used by the "Multi-Cultural Greek Council & National Pan-Hellenic Council." I wonder if Paul Fisher still comes by and annoys people working in there, asking for money, or if he could crash out on their couch? OUCH, scary memories there.... :-)

We then strolled to the Chemistry Building, a place that inflicted great pain on Astronomo and I. We hated this place with a passion! I spat on it, and it made me feel better!

In the Chemistry Building, we went into a classroom, and they had this painting of some great 8 Cent God, who looks a lot like Henry Kissinger! Give Me 8 Cents!

In downtown Bloomington there is this ridiculously artsy-fartsy cafe health food restaurant named the "Runcible Spoon" that all the Beards used to hang out at. Remember, this was the 70's and early 80's, before cafes and and health food became "fashionable." Well, it is still there. I used to eat the table scraps left in the garbage bin! I would climb into their dumpster and eat maggot infested tofu! Say Yeah! And yes, it is nice to see that the Beards still hang out here.....

My last Bloomington pic is of the house at 2222 E. 5th St. that Defect Removal, Swa Sticka, and I used to live at. Man, did we have some PARTIES at this house! It had a great big living room with a hard wood floor that made a great dance floor. Some of the theme dance parties we held were the "Soul Train Dance Party" and the "Groove-A-Thon." This was before my big Metal era (obviously)... I think Anvilhead was getting a bit bored of my stroll down memory lane, so it was time to move on..............

Next we hit the road for Cincinnati to take in a Reds-Astros baseball game. Anvilhead and I love going to baseball games, especially our hometown minor league team, the Indianapolis Indians. But this time we saw a big league game, ate some 8 cent ballpark food (that cost wayyy more than 8 cents), and had an 8 cent gr8 time! Ironically, Ken Griffey Jr. just got traded to my Chicago White Sox the week before this game, so their humongous mural to him was a TAD bit outdated...

The earthy looking fellow to your left is a statue of Ted Kluszewski, a great first baseman who played for the Reds between 1947 and 1957. This was also the 88th picture we took so far on our 08/08/08 journey, and certainly worthy of inclusion for that distinction alone!

Right inside the gate was a classic, classic old dude who was selling game programs. This guy epitomizes everything great about baseball, and I really hope I can be just like him when I retire and start working at Victory Field in Indianapolis!

I am very proud of Anvilhead who took this great action shot from our seats up in the upper deck. You can see the ball flying out just to the right of the pitcher. Way to go, Anvilhead!!! When the game was over, we were treated to a fabulous fireworks show that was probably the best I've ever seen. It was quite amazing!

Now things really took an 8 Cent turn, as we spent the night in a SUPER 8 MOTEL in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky! It was every bit as great a 2.5 star hotel can be! The 8 Cent vibe was beyond belief. We also watched the Puppy Olympics on the Animal Planet cable station when we got back from the game. If you are are ever in Fort Mitchell, you gotta stay there!

We then had an incredibly 8 cent experience at "Phil's Music Books & More" in Covington, KY. I had been here before with my other son, Meister1200 Rudosson, when we went to Cincy to see Opeth in 2006. They have a GR8 METAL selection, so I was ready to stock up on some very 8 Cent sh*t. So on a 08/08/08 Pilgrimage, what more appropriate to buy than Manowar?!?!??! I picked up their new CD "Gods Of War," a SUPER 8 MO-FO from last year, with a ridiculous amount of SUPER 8 story narration (ala Rhapsody) all about Odin and the old Nordic Gods, and in a really 8 Cent booming narrative voice with ghastly effects. What really made me laugh was the fact the CD has two covers. For retail purposes, the below cover was facing out of the jewel case...

And there is the real cover below, that is actually part of the CD booklet! GIVE ME 8 CENTS!!! BODACIOUS, NO DOUBT!

I also picked up Iced Earth's "Days Of Purgatory" for $8, a cool vinyl copy of Hawkwind's rare "The Chronicle Of The Black Sword" album from 1985, and the mighty Stonewall Jackson LP featured on the left for 50 cents! You gotta love Stonewall Jackson. His old traditional country is so EPIC, so masculine, so lonely, and so 8!

Anvilhead was really stoked about this comic book find. He loves Spiderman, and he loves Frogs even more. The combination was ridiculous! This really was one of the highlights of our whole trip. When we were ready to leave Covington, we chose White Castle as the place to make a bathroom stop. Man, it stunk in there!

Our last stop on the voyage was Big Bone Lick state park in Union, KY. But en route to the park , we saw a bunch of 8 cent yard sales and flea bag market type stuff outside along the highway. So we had to stop. We got two brand new Cincinnati Reds baseball hats for $5. But what was even BETTER, was I bought a WORKING 8-TRACK PLAYER!!! And what is even more amazing, it is an 8-TRACK recorder! It only cost 5 bucks!!! Hell, I would have paid $8 for it! Here's a pic of it at home, after I got it hooked up, playing my KISS "Destroyer" 8-Track that my lovely wife Angusette bought me. Yeah, it really works, and it sounds like SH*T! I love it! I almost got the pic taken at 8:08 pm, but I was a little too slow. However, since the date was actually 08/09/08 at this time, it was OK.

Now for Big Bone Lick. Here is a lovely pic of the lake at the park. Appropriately, Big Bone Lick is located very closely to the city of Beaver Lick, Kentucky. Geeeee.... I wonder what was up with that naming convention????

Well, maybe the names are for real because if you walk around in Big Bone Lick park, you see a zillion trees like the ones to the left that have been gnawed by beavers. Yep, there is a lot of beaver at Big Bone Lick! Anvilhead and I realized that we better not stumble and fall on our hike, because if we did, we would likely be impaled by all the sharp tree stumps protruding out of the ground! This would make a great Middle Ages battlefield!

And what is a "Celebration of 8" without playing Miniature Golf??? On 08/08/88, Umlatta and I celebrated the day by playing Putt-Putt. Anvilhead and I had the glorious opportunity to play miniature golf at Big Bone Lick State Park, one of the most boring but picturesque Putt-Putt courses I have ever played. What shocked us was they had a genuine real life Mespacte Indian standing on the course at the 18th hole! He was very still. It was a very inspiring way to end our day. Anvilhead had 5 holes in one, and I had 3, to total 8, so we knew it was time to go home.

We bid adieu to Big Bone Lick, drove through Beaver Lick, and went back home, blasting Manowar and Iced Earth the whole way. HAPPY 08/08/08 EVERYBODY!!!

Give Me 8 Cents,

Thursday, August 7, 2008


(POST DATE: A thousand sincere pardons to "Nugey Z Q" for forgetfully forgetting that August 8th was her 88th birthday! Please, no wet noodle, please!)

What a day! What a celebration! Everywhere around the world, people are rejoicing and partying on the most universal and 8 cents of Holidays, 08/08/08!!! Man, I am stoked! To celebrate in style, my son Anvilhead Rudosson and I are heading to Bloomington, IN, then to Cincinnati to see the 8 cent Cincinnati Reds and the 8 cents Houston Astros, and then SPENDING THE NIGHT IN A SUPER 8 MOTEL! On Saturday, we''ll be recovering by going to Big Bone Lick park in Kentucky!

I hope everybody has a safe and happy holiday! Kiss your loved ones. Hug your hated ones! Piss on a tractor! Chew gum off of the sidewalk! Eat a Pot Pie and say a prayer to St. Nasty Ronnie! And remember, IF IT AIN'T 8, IT AIN'T GREAT!!!

Give Me 8 Cents,