Saturday, May 10, 2008

In the Beginning....

In the beginning, there was a small boy who lived in Northern Indiana. He went to this shopping center a lot with his Grandmother and Mother during the 1960's. Why? Nobody knows, except that it had a lot to do with fabric stores. Why is this important? Most people don't care except me. But it has a lot to do with Epic Heavy Metal and Squirrely Progressive Rock. You can tell by the cracks in the cement, that look into the scattered depths of eternity, and the static between TV and radio stations.

So come along for the ride, as I sift my way through the sands of the hourglass. I will post a lot of my own homemade music mix CD's. Many of them Metal, many of them Prog, and quite a few of other persuasions. I will also post my own 8 cent CD cover art, lo-fi as they are. I am a free-flowing, wild-wind blowing MO-FO, with a mind of his own. Now I get to impose it on you! But don't be afraid of the man behind the curtain - the Bob Dole of this joint, for I am benign, and a happy soul. This is a place to sit back, relax, take your shoes off, and y'all come back now, here! (Howdy Jed)

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